'Targets and Arrows' - Original, abstract acrylic painting, hand painted across 2 canvases

£149.97 £299.95

Title: Targets and Arrows

Artist: oew design

Media: Acrylic paint on canvas (2 canvas piece)

Sizes/Dimensions (of both canvases)

22 inches (560mm) high x 16 inches (405mm) wide x 0.75 inches (20mm) canvas depth 

Weight: roughly 2 kg

Date of completion: 2008 (kept in safe storage since)

Product description: An original, hand painted abstract work, painted in acrylics across 2 canvases. This is the original, one-off painting that will not be duplicated in paintings or prints. An excellent opportunity to buy original art at a fraction of it's usual cost, as I am clearing out my storage for new collections of work.

The work is an abstract design, featuring stripes and circles to represent arrows and the targets they are being shot at. The colours are complimentary and create a bright and lively piece, designed to catch the eye when hung on any wall.

POSTAGE: FREE courier delivery to UK Mainland addresses

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